Forgot how to update my blog for 2 years

I’ve tried several times to develop a writing habit with varying levels of success. But, after about a full year slump, I again forgot how to update my blogo.

Over the years, my writing has lived in various types of infrastructure (Myspace, Wordpress, notepad++, etc.) always tracking along with my evolving coding tastes. In my PHP phase I was trying to blog with Laraval, for example. The second-most recent iteration was the magic unicorn of Django, tracking along with my ongoing love for Python.

Keep it simple

Somewhere along the line I grew frustrated with mental overhead necessary to remember how to use Django anytime I felt inspired to write. This was exacerbated by my writing inconsistency.

So, I had the brilliant idea to make things extremely simple: write in markdown and host with GitHub pages. I use both tools daily, so what could go wrong?

Then after many moons I forgot that I migrated my blog to this brilliant, simple system. Over the next two years I was left intermittently trying to remember how to log into the Django admin panel in an Django app that didn’t exist.